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At Creekside Valley Farms sustainability isn't just another benchmark for us to reach, it is ingrained into how we do business. Our vision is to produce the highest quality products while conserving our land and other natural resources. We know that the sustainability of our practices will allow us to improve our community for this generation and the next.

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Intercropping is the process of growing two or more crops together in the same space in a beneficial manner. This process allows resources to be shared among crops, increase biodiversity, improve soil health with diversified root systems and control pests.

Drip Irrigation

We utilize drip irrigation systems on our young hazelnut orchards. In some cases drip irrigation can reduce water use up to 65%.


Wetland Restoration  

Our farms are home to wetlands. Because wetlands clean our water and promote biodiversity we take their health seriously. We have replanted many of our wetland zones with native riparian species.

Perennial Crops

Our primary crops are grass seed and hazelnuts. These are perennial crops which can be harvested multiple times after they are planted. These crops save resources, and help sequester carbon while the land is not tilled.


GlobalG.A.P. Certified

We maintain our GlobalG.A.P certification. To be certified a producer must make improvements to efficiency, worker safety and health, monitor pesticide and herbicide use and look for ways to reduce and safely use these chemicals. 


Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest management is a holistic approach to control pests that incorporates cultural, physical, biological and chemical controls. We have benefited from the use of Samurai Wasps, a natural predator of the Marmorated Stink bug. These stink bugs can damage hazelnut crops.  



We use Baseline water monitoring equipment and software. This enables us to see data on our water usage 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We can choose when to water and how much in response to weather, crop rotation, and other changing circumstance.

On Farm Efficiency Project

We have partnered with the Oregon Water Resource Department to share water from our Farm's water rights with the state. This allows more water to be diverted back to streams to benefit fish and wildlife. We have committed two of our properties to this project. 

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Creekside Valley Farms cultivates over 12,000 acres in the Willamette Valley, cultivating grass seed, hazelnuts, garlic, radish, blueberries, clover and cherries. 

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