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Hazelnut Varieties

As the hazelnut industry grows new tree varieties have been engineered to be produce better yields and be disease resistant. We offer a wide range of varieties in both our nursery stock and nut harvest. 


The new cultivar is named after Peter McDonald, a renowned grower from Wilsonville, Oregon. The McDonald tree is very disease resistant and aimed at the kernel market filling nearly 51% of its shell compared to Barcelona at 42%. The tree's crop matures two weeks earlier and is grower friendly in terms of size.



The Jefferson varietal was developed and evaluated at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon, and was released in January 2009. This variety combine’s very high resistance to eastern filbert blight (EFB) caused by the fungus Anisogramma anomala (Peck) E. Müller with large nut size, good kernel quality, and high yields.


This recent introduction from Oregon State University features attractive, compact, growth habit, good crops of large and delicious nuts and total resistance to Eastern Filbert Blight. Yamhill’s high productivity has made it popular with commercial growers. 



Wepster was first developed to supply the chocolate and baking industry with the ideal kernel size ranging from 11-13 millimeters and kernel weighing 47% of total weight. The tree is highly resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight and its natural growth habit requires little training making it the perfect orchard companion.



Introduced by Oregon State University, Sacajawea bears abundant crops of exceptionally flavorful nuts. Similar to prized Italian varieties in flavor, these large and tasty nuts are great for fresh eating, roasting and baking. While it has performed well in Oregon trials, Sacajawea is somewhat less resistant to Eastern Filbert Blight than our other varieties. Plant Sacajawea with Yamhill for pollination.


York varietals produce delicious nuts for eating or making paste. It is also a great and compatible pollinizer for most other hazelnut cultivars with its relatively long period of pollen shed during mid-season flowering. York is Resistance to bud mite, Eastern Filbert Blight, and low incidence of kernel mold.


Eta Hazelnut Tree is a commercial hazelnut tree developed by Oregon State University. It was bred primarily as a pollinator to cover the late flowering periods of other varieties, such as Jefferson and Yamhill. This insures the maximum potential yield for each of the trees.



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