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About Us

Growing Partnerships that last.

Creekside Valley Farms was founded by Paul Kuehne in 2006. Paul comes from a multi-generation Oregon farming family, growing up on his family farm in Oregon which was originally acquired by his Grandfather in 1930. While farming in the summers, and studying at Oregon State University to obtain a degree in General Agriculture, Paul laid the foundation of what would become Creekside Valley Farms.

Creekside Valley Farms is the culmination of Paul’s original farming venture, his partnership with local farmers and industry talent. The team at Creekside Valley Farms brings together over 100 years of farming and technical experience, and many of the farm’s employees come from small Oregon farming families. While Creekside Valley Farms has grown to encompass almost 50 employees, and work 12,000 acres of land, the roots of the company are grown from family farming values. Creekside Valley Farms is proof that hard work and love of the land can grow into great things.  

Our Mission

Creekside Valley Farms is an efficient and sustainable producer of agricultural products with an emphasis on building quality relationships with our landowners, customers and employees. We strive to be recognized by our business associates and competitors as one of the top producers in our area and to make sure that productivity translates into prosperity and growth for everyone involved with our farm.

Our Vision

Creekside Valley Farms will be a diversified agricultural operation focused on the profitable, progressive and sustainable production of premium- quality agricultural products and services for our customers while maintaining landowner satisfaction and retaining first class employees. 


Our Crops

At Creekside we manage over 12,000 acres of land in the fertile Willamette Valley. We specialize in grass seed, hazelnuts and blueberries, which we sell directly to commercial partners and brokers.

We are one of the top producers of hazelnuts in Oregon, producing over 10 millions pounds of hazelnuts a year. We produce both historic and new hazelnut varieties, which have been produced at Oregon State University to combat disease in Oregon's hazelnut crop. In addition we plant a number of seed and vegetable crops that are rotated each year to increase biodiversity and soil health on our lands. 

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