About Us

Creekside Valley Farms is a locally-owned farming operation located in Yamhill County, the heart of the fertile Willamette Valley. Grass seed, and hazelnuts are the main commodities we produce.

Owner Paul Kuehne started Creekside Valley Farms upon graduating from Oregon State University, after growing up in a farming family that has farmed in the area for almost 100 years.


Creekside Valley Farms will be a diversified agricultural operation focused on the profitable, progressive and sustainable production of premium- quality agricultural products and services for our customers while maintaining landowner satisfaction and retaining first class employees.  


Creekside Valley Farms is an efficient and sustainable producer of agricultural products with an emphasis on building quality relationships with our landowners, customers and employees. We strive to be recognized by our business associates and competitors as one of the top producers in our area and to make sure that productivity translates into prosperity and growth for everyone involved with our farm.


We value the land for which is the foundation our operation is built on. We implement sustainable farming practices to conserve our resources and enhance environmental quality for the future.

We believe relationships with our customers, landowners and employees are an essential part to a successful business. We hire quality employees and emphasize their professional development; we take pride in exceeding landowner expectations and delivering superior products and services to our customers.